Are Mediation Agreements Legally Binding?

Are Mediation Agreements Legally Binding?

When you choose to mediate any type of legal arrangement, your mediator will draw up an agreement for you and the other parties involved. Are these agreements legally binding, though? Let’s discuss that.

Signed Documents in the Legal World

In the United States, any document, physical or digital, that is willfully signed by an individual is legally binding. And that is no different when it comes to the agreements that are constructed on your behalf and signed by you by means of a mediator.

The agreement drawn up on your behalf by a mediator is there to ensure that you and all other parties involved are in agreement when it comes to finances, childcare, or anything else specific to your case. These agreements are contracts and contracts are legally binding.

Verbal agreements, on the other hand, are much more difficult to enforce should any disagreements arise.

Are You Allowed to Write Up Your Own Agreement?

Yes, you can. You can also represent yourself in court and sell your home without real estate agents as well. The tricky thing is that if you do not know the law very well, taking this course of action can backfire on you. All written agreements must follow certain rules. If it does not, the judge may decide not to enforce the contract. The surer route is to let a mediator help you navigate this field.

Signed Agreements Are Legally Binding

If you are interested in mediation, odds are you are determined to settle things out of court. This is the most painless option available to you. Through mediation, you can collaborate with the other party in a constructive way instead of battling it out in court. This leads to less stress, less time, and less money spent as opposed to taking your matter to court.

If you want to control the decisions about your life and not leave that power in the hands of judges, reach out to Solutions & Resolutions today.

Posted By Solutions & Resolutions on 7-20-2022