Myths About Divorce Mediation Debunked

Myths About Divorce Mediation Debunked

There is nothing easy about dissolving a marriage. There are so many ways two lives become intertwined over the years. Attempting to divvy up parental responsibilities and financial interests all while dealing with the natural emotions of something coming to an end is difficult. Resolving this through divorce court can make it even more difficult. But many people feel like this is the best option because of the misconceptions they have regarding mediated divorce. Solutions & Resolutions wants to dispel some of those myths and clear up a few common misconceptions about mediation.

You Can No Longer Seek Mediation if Your Spouse Has Already Filed for Divorce

This is not the case. A good attorney wants what is best for their clients and allowing them to advocate for themselves in a controlled environment is one way in which everyone can achieve the best outcome. Your divorce attorney should be able to advise and guide you during the mediation process instead of litigating.

Spouses That Fight Cannot Successfully Mediate

This is also a false belief. A professional mediator knows how to facilitate a calm and neutral environment. They will make sure that both parties feel heard. You both want what is best for your children and what is fair when it comes to your finances. Mediation aims to help even the most adversarial of partners to come to reasonable resolutions.

Spouses Who Do Not Communicate Cannot Successfully Mediate

Again, this is not true. Even if you find it difficult to communicate with your spouse, mediation can be a viable option. One of the goals of a mediator is to generate solutions that are beneficial to both parties. That is why when you work with a mediator, they can assist both parties in communicating in a productive manner. As long as you both can be open and listen, you can successfully navigate the mediation process.

Allowing the courts to decide on matters of your divorce can prove to be more emotionally draining, expensive, and result in unsatisfying outcomes compared to mediation. If you want to have the most say and want to achieve the best outcomes possible, mediation is the right choice. Contact our skilled mediators at Solutions and Resolutions to get started.

Posted By Solutions & Resolutions on 1-14-2022