Natalie T. Chase Mediation

Natalie T. Chase


Judge Natalie Chase presided over several of the busiest trial court dockets in the State of Colorado for nearly 8 years. Her experience gained her notoriety with judges, attorneys, and litigants for being fair. Her ability to listen and understand all litigants put her above the rest. Judge Chase is known for her problem-solving techniques and ability to communicate solutions effectively. She brings those same skills to the table when mediating or arbitrating.

Because of Judge Chase's experience as a formal trial judge, she is one of the most successful mediators in the state. She specializes in family law, employment, civil, probate and estate, dependency and neglect, eminent domain, construction, personal injury, and a variety of other areas. She is available to provide services as an arbitrator, mediator, special master, early neutral evaluator, and as an appointed private judge.


  • Substitute Referee, City of Fort Collins
    July 2021 – Present
  • District Court Judge, 18th Judicial District
    July 2014 – May 2021
  • Co-Owner of Shafer & Chase (Private law firm)
    December 2007–July 2014
  • Special Counsel to Tom A. Hemry, P.C. Attorney at Law
    March 2006 – December 2007
  • Assistant City Attorney, Aurora City Attorney’s Office
    March 2003 – March 2006

How Mediation Works

Mediator Natalie T Chase, Colorado Legal Dispute Resolution

Often, mediations begin with a joint session to set ground rules and develop an agenda. This session will also help define the issues and establish the parties' positions.

Through the process parties often move to separate caucuses. The mediator will then relay messages, offers, counteroffers, questions, demands, or proposals between both parties to help them move towards a resolution.

The mediator does not decide the settlement or require that the parties settle. Mediation in itself is not binding until all parties accept a resolution. If the mediation does not settle the matter, the right to pursue arbitration is available.